Proofs Needed at Registration

The local agency (LA) must verify identity of each applicant, participant, authorized representative, and proxy for certification and food benefit issuance. Documents must be provided by the authorized representative or proxy.

The following documentation shall be accepted as proof of identity:

1. Driver License
2. eWIC card with pin number
3. Passport
4. Health Insurance card
5. Birth Certificate
6. Hospital or Immunization Record
7. Social Security Card
8. Voter Registration
9. Foster Care placement letter
10. Social services Award letter

An immunization record generated by WIC staff cannot be used as proof of identity.
A Verification of Certification (VOC) card cannot be used as proof of identity.

Proof of Address

Current Utility OR Personal Bill
Pay stub with physical address
Property Tax Receipt
Rent/Mortgage Receipt
Social Services Award Letter
Voter Registration Card