Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of the Pettis County Health Center is made up of 5 elected residents of the county.  The Trustees represent various areas of the county and come from a variety of backgrounds.  All Trustees are elected by all county voters – there are not districts.
Board of Trustees serve for a 4 year term and are volunteers.

Meetings are held at 4:45 pm the first Thursday of every month. There is a live feed of the meetings available to watch on our Pettis County Health Center Facebook page. Meetings are also open to the public.

As elected officials of a political subdivision, the Trustees strive to represent the residents of Pettis County.

The current Trustees are:

Phyllis Sue Domann — Chair

Ann Richardson — Vice Chair

Amanda McClain —Secretary

T Brody Kempton — Treasurer

Brandy Von Holten — Trustee